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Why take a cooking lesson?


Believe it or not, cooking lessons aren't just for people who don't know anything about cooking.  A well-structured cooking lesson can teach the novice where to start and coach the experienced cook through new techniques that will take meals from ordinary to extraordinary. 


Cooking Lessons can be one-on-one sessions, or you can gather a group of like-minded food-loving friends together for a group class.  Cooking lessons make great gifts, too! Consider the unique gift of cooking lessons for that newly married couple to help them learn how to use all those new wedding presents. Or, get a cooking lesson for your friends with the newly renovated kitchen, so they can make the most of it with family and friends.  Rest assured we will work with you to tailor lessons around your cooking goals. 



Cooking can be frustrating. You spend good money on ingredients. You invest time and effort to put a dish together, and the end result just isn't as good as you thought it would be.  Eating healthy can be a challenge. We have busy lives and are on the go all the time, so we don't always set aside the time to prepare a healthy, flavorful meal.  We know that with a little help and guidance, you can create successful dishes packed with flavor and nutrition that are a joy to create. Private cooking lessons can help you have more fun in the kitchen and cook more exciting and rewarding meals.

Through in-home cooking classes, you can learn how to cook the foods you love to eat in a relaxing environment. 

Classes range from the basic cooking techniques to cuisine-focused favorites.



Personalized Cooking Lesson 

2 hours centered around preparation of a meal 

  • $150 for one-on-one lesson, plus the cost of food

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