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Pantry Makeover



It is fascinating to open the cabinet and refrigerator doors of strangers and take a look inside a family's dietary life. The most common challenge is the pantry. The pantry has become a set of snack shelves that stores processed foods in pretty packaging. It can look more like a 7-11 then a one-stop-shop to well-being. This storage space is devoted usually more to low nutrient snacks than nourishing meal staples. Chips, cookies, candies, crackers, bread and boxed easy-to-make pastas and canned soups flourish in this non-perishable ecosystem. It is for this reason that so many of the calories come from the confines and corner of these cabinets. It is much easier for a kid to stick their head in a pantry and pull out 20 graham crackers then it is to chop up an apple and spread on some almond butter.


If unhealthy foods are more convenient, easier to reach and out where we can see them studies show we will eat more of them. If healthy foods are plentiful and visible then results will eventually be seen in their heightened consumption.
A pantry makeover is essential to increasing vitality with you and your family. The more visible and available the healthy choices are the more they will naturally, without any other action, make their way into your collective family belly. 


Personalized Pantry Makeover


  • $115 for 1.5 hours customized makeover 

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